Pretreatment loss to follow-up of tuberculosis patients in Chennai, India: a cohort study with implications for health systems strengthening.

Thomas, Beena E.

Subbaraman, Ramnath.

Sellappan, Senthil.

Suresh, Chandra.

Lavanya, J.

Lincy, Savari.

Raja, Agnes Lawrence.

Javeed, B.

Kokila, S.

Arumugam, S.

Swaminathan, Soumya.

Mayer, Kenneth H.


  • Background: Pretreatment loss to follow-up (PTLFU) is a barrier to tuberculosis (TB) control in India's Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP). PTLFU studies have not been conducted in India's mega-cities, where patient mobility may complicate linkage to care.

    Keywords: Tuberculosis, India, Cascade of care, Quality of care, Linkage to care, Initial default, Pretreatment loss to ... read more
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