Work-related measures of physical and behavioral health function: Test-retest reliability.

Marino Molly Elizabeth.

Meterko, Mark.

Marfeo, Elizabeth E.

McDonough, Chrstine M.

Jette, Alan M.

Ni, Pengsheng.

Bogusz, Kara.

Rasch, Elizabeth K.

Brandt, Diane E.

Chan, Leighton.


  • Background: The Work Disability Functional Assessment Battery (WD-FAB), developed for potential use by the US Social Security Administration to assess work-related function, currently consists of five multi-item scales assessing physical function and four multi-item scales assessing behavioral health function; the WD-FAB scales are administered as Computerized Adaptive Tests (CATs) Objective: The ... read more
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  • Marino, Molly Elizabeth, Mark Meterko, Elizabeth E. Marfeo, Christine M. McDonough, Alan M. Jette, Pengsheng Ni, Kara Bogusz, Elizabeth K. Rasch, Diane E. Brandt, and Leighton Chan. "Work-Related Measures of Physical and Behavioral Health Function: Test-Retest Reliability." Disability and Health Journal 8, no. 4 (October 2015): 652-657. doi:10.1016/j.dhjo.2015.04.001.
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