Skin rejuvenation with non-invasive pulsed electric fields.

Golberg, Alexander.

Khan, Saiqa.

Belov, Vasily.

Quinn, Kyle P.

Albadawi, Hassan.

Felix Broelsch, G.

Watkins, Michael T.

Georgakoudi, Irene.

Papisov, Mikhail.

Mihm, Martin C., Jr., 1934-

Austen Jr., William G.

Yarmush, Martin L.


  • Degenerative skin diseases affect one third of individuals over the age of sixty. Current therapies use various physical and chemical methods to rejuvenate skin; but since the therapies affect many tissue components including cells and extracellular matrix, they may also induce significant side effects, such as scarring. Here we report on a new, non-invasive, non-thermal technique to rejuvenate ... read more
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  • Golberg, A. et al. Skin Rejuvenation with Non-Invasive Pulsed Electric Fields. Sci. Rep. 5, 10187; doi: 10.1038/srep10187 (2015).
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