HDAC Activity Is Required during Xenopus Tail Regeneration

Tseng. Ai-Sun

Lemire, Joan M.

Levin, Michael


  • The ability to fully restore damaged or lost organs is present in only a subset of animals. The Xenopus tadpole tail is a complex appendage, containing epidermis, muscle, nerves, spinal cord, and vasculature, which regenerates after amputation. Understanding the mechanisms of tail regeneration may lead to new insights to promote biomedical regeneration in non-regenerative tissues. ... read more
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  • Tseng, Ai-Sun, Katia Carneiro, Joan M. Lemire, and Michael Levin. "HDAC Activity Is Required during Xenopus Tail Regeneration." PLoS One 6, no. 10 (October 2011): 1-8.
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