Cardio-metabolic disease risk factors among South Asian labour migrants to the Middle East: a scoping review and policy analysis.

Mishra, Shiva Raj.

Ghimire, Saruna.

Joshi, Chandni.

Gyawali, Bishal.

Shrestha, Archana.

Neupane, Dinesh.

Sharma, Sudesh Raj.

Pokharel, Yashashwi.

Virani, Salim S.


  • Abstract: This paper aims to explore the burgeoning burden of cardiovascular and metabolic disease (CMD) risk factors among South Asian labor migrants to the Middle East. We conducted a qualitative synthesis of literature using PubMed/Medline and grey literature searches, supplemented by a policy review of policies from the South Asian countries. We found a high burden of cardio-metabolic risk ... read more
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