Proposed guidelines to evaluate scientific validity and evidence for genotype-based dietary advice.

Grimaldi, Keith A.

van Ommen, Ben.

Ordovas, Jose M.

Parnell, Laurence D.

Mathers, John C.

Bendik, Igor.

Brennan, Lorraine.

Celis-Morales, Carlos.

Cirillo, Elisa.

Daniel, Hannelore.

de Kok, Brenda.

El-Sohemy, Ahmed.

Fairweather-Tait, Susan J.

Fallaize, Rosalind.

Fenech, Michael.

Ferguson, Lynnette R.

Gibney, Eileen R.

Gibney, Mike.

Gjelstad, Ingrid M.

Kaput, Jim.

Karlsen, Anette S.

Kolossa, Silvia.

Lovegrove, Julie.

Macready, Anna L.

Marsaux, Cyril F.

Alfredo Martinez, J..

Milagro, Fermin.

Navas-Carretero, Santiago.

Roche, Helen M.

Saris, Wim H.

Traczyk, Iwona.

van Kranen, Henk.

Verschuren, Lars.

Virgili, Fabio.

Weber, Peter.

Bouwman, Jildau.


  • Abstract: Nutrigenetic research examines the effects of inter-individual differences in genotype on responses to nutrients and other food components, in the context of health and of nutrient requirements. A practical application of nutrigenetics is the use of personal genetic information to guide recommendations for dietary choices that are more efficacious at the individual or genetic subgroup ... read more
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