FusionSeq: a modular framework for finding gene fusions by analyzing paired-end RNA-sequencing data.

Sboner, Andrea.

Habegger, Lukas.

Pflueger, Dorothee.

Terry, Stephane.

Chen, David Z.

Rozowsky, Joel S.

Tewari, Ashutosh K.

Kitabayashi, Naoki.

Moss, Benjamin J.

Chee, Mark S.

Demichelis, Francesca.

Rubin, Mark A.

Gerstein, Mark B.


  • Abstract: We have developed FusionSeq to identify fusion transcripts from paired-end RNA-sequencing. FusionSeq includes filters to remove spurious candidate fusions with artifacts, such as misalignment or random pairing of transcript fragments, and it ranks candidates according to several statistics. It also has a module to identify exact sequences at breakpoint junctions. FusionSeq detected known ... read more
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