Dis-Function: Learning Distance Functions Interactively.

Chang, Remco.

Brown, Eli.

Liu, Jingjing.

Brodley, Carla E.


  • The world's corpora of data grow in size and complexity every day, making it increasingly difficult for experts to make sense out of their data. Although machine learning offers algorithms for finding patterns in data automatically, they often require algorithm-specific parameters, such as an appropriate distance function, which are outside the purview of a domain expert. We present a system that ... read more
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  • Brown, Eli T., Jingjing Liu, Carla E. Brodley, and Remco Chang. "Dis-Function: Learning Distance Functions Interactively." 2012 IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) (October 2012). doi:10.1109/vast.2012.6400486.
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