Aragon workers' health study - design and cohort description.

Casasnovas, José A.

Alcaide, Victor.

Civeira, Fernando.

Guallar, Eliseo.

Ibañez, Borja.

Borreguero, Jesús Jiménez.

Laclaustra, Martin.

León, Montserrat.

Peñalvo, José Luis.

Ordovás, José M.

Pocovi, Miguel.

Sanz, Ginés.

Fuster, Valentín.


  • Background: Spain, a Mediterranean country with relatively low rates of coronary heart disease, has a high prevalence of traditional cardiovascular risk factors and is experiencing a severe epidemic of overweight/obesity. We designed the Aragon Workers' Health Study (AWHS) to characterize the factors associated with metabolic abnormalities ... read more
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  • Casasnovas, José, Victor Alcaide, Fernando Civeira, Eliseo Guallar, Borja Ibañez, Jesús Jiménez Borreguero, Martin Laclaustra, Montserrat León, José Luis Peñalvo, José M. Ordovás, Miguel Pocovi, Ginés Sanz, and Valentín Fuster. "Aragon workers' health study - design and cohort description." BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 12, no. 1 (12, 2012): 1-11.
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