The history of Hindostan from the earliest account of time, to the death of Akbar; tr. from the Persian of Mahummud Casim Ferishta of Delhi; together with a dissertation concerning the religion and philosophy of the Brahmins; with an appendix, containing the history of the Mogul empire, from its decline in the reign of Mahummud Shaw, to the present times by Alexander Dow.

Firishtah, Muḥammad Qāsim Hindū Shāh Astarābādī.


  • 1 online resource (2 volumes) frontispieces (portraits) plates, map.

    Print copy in Tisch Library Special Collections re-bound: 2 volumes as 1.

    Translated selections from the Persian work: Tārīkh-i Firishtah.

    Continued by an original work by Dow: The history of Hindostan, from the death of Akbar, to the complete settlement of the empire under Aurungzebe. London : Printed ... read more
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