Evolution of a Major Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Defect in the Domestic Cat and Other Felidae: Phylogenetic Timing and the Role of Hypercarnivory

Court, Michael H.

Shrestha, Binu

Reed, J. Michael

Starks, Philip T., Kaufman

Gretchen E.

Goldstone, Jared V.

Roelke, Melody E.

O'Brien, Stephen J.

Koepfli, Klaus-Peter

Frank, Laurence G.


  • The domestic cat (Felis catus) shows remarkable sensitivity to the adverse effects of phenolic drugs, including acetaminophen and aspirin, as well as structurally-related toxicants found in the diet and environment. This idiosyncrasy results from pseudogenization of the gene encoding UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) 1A6, the major species-conserved phenol detoxification enzyme. Here, we established ... read more
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