Palestinian acts of speaking together, apart: Subalterneities and the politics of fracture.

Bishara, Amahl A., 1976-


  • Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinians in the West Bank both protested in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza during the 2014 war. They did so with what Charles Tilly would regard as distinct repertoires of contention, though they both referenced the same heritage of resistance. I argue that we should interrogate the boundaries that states establish to see how different forms of sovereignty ... read more
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  • Bishara, Amahl Alexis. "Palestinian Acts of Speaking Together, Apart: Subalterneities and the Politics of Fracture." HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 6, no. 3 (December 31, 2016): 305-330. doi:10.14318/hau6.3.020.
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