Correlating transportation noise frequencies with ultrafine particulate emissions by source: Implications for environmental health studies.

Leaffer, Douglas J.

Mailk, Rafia.

Tracey, Brian H.

Gute, David M.

Hastings, Aaron L.

Roof, Christopher J.

Noel, George J.


  • Transportation-derived particulate matter and chronic ambient noise exposure frequently occur concomitantly in urban areas, adversely impacting population health outcomes. Noise is identified as an important confounder in epidemiological studies, yet few health studies have included both air pollution and noise in health effects models. Several noise exposure studies have associated intensity and ... read more
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  • Leaffer, Douglas J., Rafia Mailk, Brian Tracey, David M. Gute, Aaron L. Hastings, Christopher J. Roof, and George J. Noel. "Correlating Transportation Noise Frequencies with Ultrafine Particulate Emissions by Source: Implications for Environmental Health Studies" (2017). doi:10.1121/2.0000545.
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