Cross-Sectional Evolution of the U.S. City Size Distribution.

Ioannides, Yannis Menelaos.

Overman, Henry G.


  • We report nonparametrically estimated stochastic transition kernels for the evolution of the distribution of U.S. metropolitan area populations, for the period 1900 to 1990. These suggest a fair amount of uniformity in the patterns of mobility during the study period. The distribution of city size is predominantly characterized by persistence. Additional kernel estimates do not reveal any stark ... read more
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  • Overman, Henry G. and Yannis M. Ioannides. 2001. "Cross-Sectional Evolution of the U.S. City Size Distribution." Journal of Urban Economics 49(3): 543-566. doi:10.1006/juec.2000.2204.
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