From single cells to tissues: Interactions between the matrix and human breast cells in real time.

Barnes, Clifford.

Speroni, Lucia.

Quinn, Kyle P.

Montévil, Maël.

Saetzler, Kurt.

Bode-Animashaun, Gbemisola.

McKerr, George.

Georgakoudi, Irene.

Downes, C. Stephen.

Sonnenschein, C. (Carlos)

Howard, Vyvyan.

Soto, A. M. (Ana M.)


  • Background Mammary gland morphogenesis involves ductal elongation, branching, and budding. All of these processes are mediated by stroma - epithelium interactions. Biomechanical factors, such as matrix stiffness, have been established as important factors in these interactions. For example, epithelial cells fail to form normal acinar structures in vitro in 3D gels that exceed the stiffness of a ... read more
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  • Barnes C, Speroni L, Quinn KP, Montevil M, Saetzler K, Bode-Animashaun G, et al. (2014) From Single Cells to Tissues: Interactions between the Matrix and Human Breast Cells in Real Time. PLoS ONE 9(4): e93325. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0093325.
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