Blocks and F-class algebras of finite groups.

Reynolds, William F.


  • For an arbitrary field F of characteristic p ≧ 0, the usual partitioning of the p-regular elements of a finite group G into F-classes (F-conjugacy classes) is extended to all of G in such a way that the F-classes form a basis of a subalgebra Y of the class algebra Z of G over F. The primitive idempotents of E ⊗FY , where E is an algebraic closure of F, are the same as those of Z. By means of this ... read more
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  • Reynolds, William F. Blocks and F-class algebras of finite groups. Pacific J. Math. 38 (1971), 1, 193-205, DOI: 10.2140/pjm.1971.38.193.
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