An Analytical Approach for the Creative Design of New Visualizations.

Griffin, Garth.

Li, Shaomeng.

Gramazio, Connor.

Chang, Remco.


  • Educators have long understood the power of learning by example. Lee et al. made a compelling case for the efficacy of designing by example. However, designing by example is often approached in an ad-hoc fashion. Such opportunistic tactics may overlook promising avenues that would readily be discovered using a systematic method. Phylogenetic analysis has been successfully utilized in a number of ... read more
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  • Griffin, Garth, Shaomeng Li, Connor Gramazio and Remco Chang. "An Analytical Approach for the Creative Design of New Visualizations." Poster presented at IEEE Conference on Information Visualization (InfoVis), Providence, RI, October 23-28, 2011.
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