Book Review

Ranelagh, John

Blum, William

Prados, John

Woodward, Bob

Carnesale, Albert

Haass, Richard N.

Luttwak, Edward N.

Lebow, Richard N.

Berkowsky, Pamela B.

Dyker, David A.

Fairbank, John King

Joffe, Ellis

Ramos, Joseph

Thorp, Rosemary

Whitehead, Laurence

Sharp, Margaret

Shearman, Claire

Deyo, Frederick C.

Conybeare, John A. C.


  • Volume 12, Issue 1. Winter. The Agency: The Rise and Decline of the CIA from Wild Bill Donovan. The CIA: A Forgotten History . Presidents' Secret Wars: CIA and Pentagon Covert Operations Since World War II. Veil. The Secret Wars of the CIA . Superpower Arms Control: Setting the Record Straight . Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace . Nuclear Crisis Management . Containing the Soviet ... read more
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