Almonds ameliorate glycemic control in Chinese patients with better controlled type 2 diabetes: a randomized, crossover, controlled feeding trial.

Chen, Chiao-Ming.

Liu, Jen-Fang.

Li, Sing-Chung.

Huang, Chen-Ling.

Hsirh, An-Tsz.

Weng, Shuen-Fu.

Chang, Mei-Ling.

Li, Hung-Ta.

Mohn, Emily.

Chen, C-Y. Oliver.


  • Background: Almonds can decrease glycemic index of co-consumed foods and are a rich source for oleic acid and α-tocopherol. The aim of the randomized, crossover, controlled feeding trial was to examine whether as compared to NCEP step II diet as control (CON), ~60 g/d almonds (ALM) added to CON would improve glucoregulation and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in 33 Chinese T2DM ... read more
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