Financial IncEntives for Smoking TreAtment: protocol of the FIESTA trial and FIESTA Oral Microbiome Substudy.

French, Katherine M.

Gonzalez, Sasha Z.

Sherman, Scott E.

Link, Alissa R.

Malik, Sadozai Zoe.

Tseng, Chi-Hong.

Jumkhawala, Saahil A.

Tejada, Briesny.

White, Andrew.

Ladapo, Joseph A.


  • Background: Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, but evidence-based smoking cessation therapy is underutilized. Financial incentive strategies represent an innovative approach for increasing the use of counseling and pharmacotherapy. If effective, they could supplement or supplant resource-intensive policy options, particularly in populations for whom smoking has ... read more
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