Comparisons of traffic-related ultrafine particle number concentrations measured in two urban areas by central, residential, and mobile monitoring.

Simon, Matthew C.

Hudda, Neelakshi.

Naumova, Elena N.

Levy, Jonathan, 1971-

Brugge, Doug.

Durant, John L.


  • Traffic-related ultrafine particles (UFP; <100 nm diameter) are ubiquitous in urban air. While studies have shown that UFP are toxic, epidemiological evidence of health effects, which is needed to inform risk assessment at the population scale, is limited due to challenges of accurately estimating UFP exposures. Epidemiologic studies often use empirical models to estimate UFP exposures; however, ... read more
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  • Simon, Matthew C., Neelakshi Hudda, Elena N. Naumova, Jonathan I. Levy, Doug Brugge, and John L. Durant. "Comparisons of Traffic-Related Ultrafine Particle Number Concentrations Measured in Two Urban Areas by Central, Residential, and Mobile Monitoring." Atmospheric Environment 169 (November 2017): 113-127. doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2017.09.003.
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