Outrageous Plans for Sensible Ideas: School of the Museum of Fine Arts 2020 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Piascik, Beca

Mitchell-Nockowitz, Margot

Fisher-Berger, Dan

Morse, Michaela

Helwig, Sam

Huntington, Aidan

Agnew, Sam

Rochford, Jacob

Stubis, Halley Sun

Lober, Z

Xaviera, Jhona

Antoniou, Badger

Akumanyi, Ariel

Mahaney, Pat


  • Trying to capture the collective spirit of a show is outrageous in and of itself. The Curatorial Team identified distinct themes for this exhibition and chose to elaborate on them individually. Altogether, these themes result in a show that reflects a year of thesis development by a cohort of extraordinary creatives emerging in the midst of planetary mayhem.
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