Bounding polynomial entanglement measures for mixed states.

Rodriques, Samuel.

Datta, Nilanjana.

Love, Peter J.


  • We generalize the notion of the best separable approximation (BSA) and best W-class approximation (BWA) to arbitrary pure-state entanglement measures, defining the best zero-E approximation (BEA) We show that for any polynomial entanglement measure E, any mixed state ρ admits at least one "S decomposition," i.e., a decomposition in terms of a mixed state on which E is equal to zero, and a single ... read more
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  • Rodriques, Samuel, Nilanjana Datta, and Peter Love. "Bounding Polynomial Entanglement Measures for Mixed States." Physical Review A 90, no. 1 (July 30, 2014). doi:10.1103/physreva.90.012340.
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