Alleviating the modifiable areal unit problem within probe-based geospatial analyses.

Butkiewicz, Thomas.

Meentemeyer, Ross K.

Shoemaker, Douglas A.

Chang, Remco.

Wartell, Zachary.

Ribarsky, William.


  • We present a probe-based interface for the exploration of the results of a geospatial simulation of urban growth. Because our interface allows the user great freedom in how they choose to define regions-of-interest to examine and compare, the classic geospatial analytic issue known as the modifiable areal unit problem (MAUP) quickly arises. The user may delineate regions with unseen differences ... read more
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  • Butkiewicz, Thomas, Ross K. Meentemeyer, Douglas A. Shoemaker, Remco Chang, Zachary Wartell, and William Ribarsky. "Alleviating the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem Within Probe-Based Geospatial Analyses." Computer Graphics Forum 29, no. 3 (August 12, 2010): 923-932. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8659.2009.01707.x.
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