NAD+ improves neuromuscular development in a zebrafish model of FKRP-associated dystroglycanopathy.

Bailey, Erin C.

Alrowaished, Sarah S.

Kilroy, Elisabeth A.

Crooks, Emma S.

Drinkert, Daisy M.

Karunasiri, Chaya M.

Belanger, Joseph J.

Khalil, Andre.

Kelley, Joshua B.

Henry, Clarissa A.


  • Background: Secondary dystroglycanopathies are muscular dystrophies that result from mutations in genes that participate in Dystroglycan glycosylation. Glycosylation of Dystroglycan is essential for muscle fibers to adhere to the muscle extracellular matrix (myomatrix). Although the myomatrix is disrupted in a number of secondary dystroglycanopathies, it is unknown whether improving the myomatrix ... read more
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