Legible Cities: Focus-Dependent Multi-Resolution Visualization of Urban Relationships [presentation slides].

Chang, Remco.

Wessel, Ginette.

Kosara, Robert.

Sauda, Eric.

Ribarsky, William.


  • Numerous systems have been developed to display large collections of data for urban contexts; however, most have focused on layering of single dimensions of data and manual calculations to understand relationships within the urban environment. Furthermore, these systems often limit the user's perspectives on the data, thereby diminishing the user's spatial understanding of the viewing region. In ... read more
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  • Remco Chang, G. Wessel, R. Kosara, E. Sauda, and W. Ribarsky. "Legible Cities: Focus-Dependent Multi-Resolution Visualization of Urban Relationships." Presented at IEEE InfoVis2007, Sacramento, CA, October 28-30, 2007.
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