The TAC paradigm: Specifying tangible user interfaces.

Shaer, Orit.

Leland, Nancy.

Calvillo-Gámez, Eduardo H.

Jacob, Robert J. K.


  • This paper introduces a paradigm for describing and specifying tangible user interfaces (TUIs) The proposed Token and Constraints (TAC) paradigm captures the core components of TUIs while addressing many of the conceptual challenges unique to building these interfaces. The paradigm enables the description of a broad range of TUIs by providing a common set of constructs. Thus, the TAC paradigm lays ... read more
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  • Shaer, Orit, Nancy Leland, Eduardo H. Calvillo-Gamez, and Robert J.K. Jacob. "The TAC Paradigm: Specifying Tangible User Interfaces." Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 8, no. 5 (July 22, 2004). doi:10.1007/s00779-004-0298-3.
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