Uncertainty quantification in the assessment of progressive damage in a 7-story full-scale building slice.

Simoen, Ellen.

Moaveni, Babak.

Conte, Joel P.

Lombaert, Geert.


  • In this paper, Bayesian linear finite-element (FE) model updating is applied for uncertainty quantification (UQ) in the vibration-based damage assessment of a 7-story RC building slice. This structure was built and tested at full scale on the University of California at San Diego-Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation shake table: progressive damage was induced by subjecting it to a set of ... read more
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  • Simoen, E., Moaveni, B., Conte, J., and Lombaert, G. (2013). "Uncertainty Quantification in the Assessment of Progressive Damage in a 7-Story Full-Scale Building Slice." J. Eng. Mech., 10.1061/(ASCE)EM.1943-7889.0000610, 1818-1830.
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