Fin ray® effect inspired soft robotic gripper: From the robosoft grand challenge toward Optimization.

Crooks, Whitney.

Vukasin, Gabrielle.

O'Sullivan, Maeve.

Messner, William C.

Rogers, Chris.


  • A soft robotic gripper for a Tele-operable In-Home Robotic Assistant (TIHRA) for the mobility impaired is presented. This gripper is inspired by the Fin Ray® Effect, which is derived from the physiology of fish fins. The gripper fingers are soft and triangular with hard crossbeams that buckle and deform in to conform around objects. The fingers of the TIHRA were altered from the original Fin Ray® ... read more
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  • Crooks W, Vukasin G, O'Sullivan M, Messner W and Rogers C (2016) Fin Ray® Effect Inspired Soft Robotic Gripper: From the RoboSoft Grand Challenge toward Optimization. Front. Robot. AI 3:70. doi: 10.3389/frobt.2016.00070.
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