Conceptual and visual representations of racial categories: Distinguishing subtypes from subgroups.

Hinzman, Lindsay.

Maddox, Keith B.


  • While much of the person perception literature has focused solely on the representation of superordinate social categories (e.g., race and age), these superordinate social categories may be organized into smaller subcategories (i.e., subtypes and subgroups) that can be distinguished by their perceived typicality. Based on the logic that atypical subcategories represent subtypes and typical ... read more
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  • Hinzman, Lindsay, and Keith B. Maddox. "Conceptual and Visual Representations of Racial Categories: Distinguishing Subtypes from Subgroups." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 70 (May 2017): 95-109. doi:10.1016/j.jesp.2016.12.012.
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