HCN4 ion channel function is required for early events that regulate anatomical left-right patterning in a nodal and lefty asymmetric gene expression-independent manner.

Pai, Vaibhav P.

Willocq, Valerie.

Pitcairn, Emily J.

Lemire, Joan M.

Paré, Jean-François.

Shi, Nian-Qing.

McLaughlin, Kelly A.

Levin, Michael.


  • Laterality is a basic characteristic of all life forms, from single cell organisms to complex plants and animals. For many metazoans, consistent left-right asymmetric patterning is essential for the correct anatomy of internal organs, such as the heart, gut, and brain; disruption of left-right asymmetry patterning leads to an important class of birth defects in human patients. Laterality functions ... read more
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  • Pai, Vaibhav P., Valerie Willocq, Emily J. Pitcairn, Joan M. Lemire, Jean-François Paré, Nian-Qing Shi, Kelly A. McLaughlin, and Michael Levin. "HCN4 Ion Channel Function Is Required for Early Events That Regulate Anatomical Left-Right Patterning in a Nodal and Lefty Asymmetric Gene Expression-Independent Manner." Biology Open 6, no. 10 (August 17, 2017): 1445-1457. doi:10.1242/bio.025957.
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