Pre-screen projection: from concept to testing of a new interaction technique.

Hix, Deborah.

Templeman, James N.

Jacob, Robert J. K.


  • Pre-screen projection is a new interaction technique that allows a user to pan and zoom integrally through a scene simply by moving his or her head relative to the screen. The underlying concept is based on real world visual perception, namely, the fact that a person's view changes as the head moves. Pre-screen projection tracks a user's head in three dimensions and alters the display on the screen ... read more
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  • Hix, Deborah, James N. Templeman, and Robert J. K. Jacob. "Pre-Screen Projection." Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI '95 (1995). doi:10.1145/223904.223933.
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