Development of a computer-adaptive physical function instrument for social security administration disability determination.

Ni, Pengsheng.

McDonough, Chrstine M.

Jette, Alan M.

Bogusz, Kara.

Marfeo, Elizabeth E.

Rasch, Elizabeth K.

Brandt, Diane E.

Meterko, Mark.

Haley, Stephen M.

Chan, Leighton.


  • Objectives: To develop and test an instrument to assess physical function for Social Security Administration (SSA) disability programs, the SSA-Physical Function (SSA-PF) instrument. Item response theory (IRT) analyses were used to (1) create a calibrated item bank for each of the factors identified in prior factor analyses, (2) assess the fit of the items within each scale, (3) develop separate ... read more
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  • Ni, Pengsheng, Christine M. McDonough, Alan M. Jette, Kara Bogusz, Elizabeth E. Marfeo, Elizabeth K. Rasch, Diane E. Brandt, Mark Meterko, Stephen M. Haley, and Leighton Chan. "Development of a Computer-Adaptive Physical Function Instrument for Social Security Administration Disability Determination." Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 94, no. 9 (September 2013): 1661-1669. doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2013.03.021.
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