Electrophysiological behavior of neonatal astrocytes in hippocampal stratum radiatum.

Zhong, Shiying.

Du, Yixing.

Kiyoshi, Conrad M.

Ma, Baofeng.

Alford, Catherine C.

Wang, Qi.

Yang, Yongjie.

Liu, Xueyuan.

Zhou, Min.


  • Background: Neonatal astrocytes are diverse in origin, and undergo dramatic change in gene expression, morphological differentiation and  syncytial networking throughout development. Neonatal astrocytes also play multifaceted roles in neuronal circuitry establishment. However, the extent to which neonatal astrocytes differ from their ... read more
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  • Zhong, Shiying, Yixing Du, Conrad M. Kiyoshi, Baofeng Ma, Catherine C. Alford, Qi Wang, Yongjie Yang, Xueyuan Liu, and Min Zhou. "Electrophysiological behavior of neonatal astrocytes in hippocampal stratum radiatum." Molecular Brain 9, no. 1 (12, 2016): 1-16.
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