Structure, photophysics, and photooxidation of crowded diethynyltetracenes

Zhang, Jingjing

Sarrafpour, Syena

Haas, Terry E.

Thomas, Samuel W. III


  • This paper describes a previously unreported class of sterically crowded tetracene derivatives that have both phenyl and ethynyl substituents. The steric crowding above and below the tetracene core prevents overlap between the extended p-systems of the acenes. Substituent effects cause these tetra-substituted tetracenes to have absorbance and fluorescence spectra red shifted from either ... read more
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  • Zhang, Jingjing, Syena Sarrafpour, Terry E. Haas, Peter Muller, Samuel W. Thomas III (2012) Structure, photophysics, and photooxidation of crowded diethynyltetracenes. J. Mater. Chem., 2012, 22, 6182.
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