Stabilizing dual-energy x-ray computed tomography reconstructions using patch-based regularization.

Tracey, Brian H.

Miller, Eric L.


  • Recent years have seen growing interest in exploiting dual- and multi-energy measurements in computed tomography (CT) in order to characterize material properties as well as object shape. Materials characterization is performed by decomposing the scene into constitutive basis functions, such as Compton scatter and photoelectric absorption functions. While well motivated physically, the joint recovery ... read more
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  • Tracey, Brian H, and Eric L Miller. "Stabilizing Dual-Energy x-Ray Computed Tomography Reconstructions Using Patch-Based Regularization." Inverse Problems 31, no. 10 (September 15, 2015): 105004. doi:10.1088/0266-5611/31/10/105004.
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