Incorporating engineering design into elementary school science curricula.

Wendell, Kristen.

Connolly, Kathleen.

Wright, Christopher George.

Jarvin, Linda.

Rogers, Chris.

Barnett, Mike.

Marulcu, Ismail.


  • In this paper, we present the curricula created for our study on the impact of using engineering design to teach elementary school students science content. We consider the theoretical background that supports this endeavor, the initial set of engineering design-based science curriculum units that have been created, and the preliminary findings on the science content learning that occurs during ... read more
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  • Wendell, K., & Connolly, K., & Wright, C., & Jarvin, L., & Barnett, M., & Rogers, C., & Marulcu, I. (2010, June), Poster, Incorporating Engineering Design Into Elementary School Science Curricula Paper presented at 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition, Louisville, Kentucky. © 2010 American Society for Engineering Education.
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