Supporting children's engineering discourse and decision- Making with multimedia engineering notebook tools.

Wendell, Kristen.

Wright, Christopher George.

Paugh, Patricia C., 1956-


  • Numerous recent efforts in science education have focused on supporting the ways of talking andwriting that constitute the "discourse" of science. Various groups have developed and studied templates for science notebooks, videos of productive science talk, and scaffolds for scienceargumentation. An opportunity to build upon these resources for science discourse has arisenwith the prominent inclusion ... read more
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  • Wendell, K. B., & Wright, C. G., & Paugh, P. C. (2014, June), Supporting Children's Engineering Discourse and Decision Making with Multimedia Engineering Notebook Tools (work in progress) Paper presented at 2014 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Indianapolis, Indiana. © 2014 American Society for Engineering Education.
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