The New York Clipper Almanac.

Queen, Frank, 1822-1882.


  • 54 pages plus advertisements. Essay and narrative content includes: Alice Dane: A Story of the Christmas Time by E. Norman Gunnison; The Last Interview by H.B.H.; The Rise of the Drama; His Final Exit by Charles Lovell; The Mimic and the Real, or, Death on the Stage, by William H. Bushnell; Theatrical Chronology from B.C. 3700 to A.D. 1874; Sporting Chronology from 1719 to 1873; Fastest Recorded ... read more
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  • The New York Clipper Almanac, 1875. New York: Published at the Office of the New York Clipper, 88 and 90 Centre Street, Frank Queen, Publisher and Proprietor, [1874].
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