WireVis: Visualization of Categorical, Time-Varying Data From Financial Transactions [presentation slides].

Chang, Remco.

Ghoniem, Mohammad.

Kosara, Robert.

Ribarsky, William.

Yang, Jing.

Suma, Evan A.

Ziemkiewicz, Caroline.

Kern, Daniel.

Sudjianto, Agus.


  • Large financial institutions such as Bank of America handle hundreds of thousands of wire transactions per day. Although most transactions are legitimate, these institutions have legal and financial obligations in discovering those that are suspicious. With the methods of fraudulent activities ever changing, searching on predefined patterns is often insufficient in detecting previously undiscovered ... read more
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  • Chang, Remco, Mohammad Ghoniem, Robert Kosara, William Ribarsky, Jing Yang, Evan Suma, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Daniel Kern, and Agus Sudjianto. "WireVis: Visualization of Categorical, Time-Varying Data From Financial Transactions." Presentation at 2007 IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology, Sacramento, CA, October 30 to November 1, 2007.
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