Outcome of infections due to pandrug-resistant (PDR) Gram-negative bacteria.

Falagas, Matthew E.

Bliziotis, Ioannis A.

Kasiakou, Sofia K.

Samonis, George.

Athanassopoulou, Panayiota.

Michalopoulos, Argyris.


  • Background: The increasing problem of infections due to multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria has led to re-use of polymyxins in several countries. However, there are already clinical isolates of Gram-negative bacteria that are resistant to all available antibiotics, including polymyxins.

    Springer Open.
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  • Falagas, Matthew, Ioannis A. Bliziotis, Sofia K. Kasiakou, George Samonis, Panayiota Athanassopoulou, and Argyris Michalopoulos. "Outcome of infections due to pandrug-resistant (PDR) Gram-negative bacteria." BMC Infectious Diseases 5, no. 1 (12, 2005): 1-7.
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