A comparative study of ChIP-seq sequencing library preparation methods.

Sundaram, Arvind Y.

Hughes, Timothy.

Biondi, Shea.

Bolduc, Nathalie.

Bowman, Sarah K.

Camilli, Andrew.

Chew, Yap C.

Couture, Catherine.

Farmer, Andrew.

Jerome, John P.

Lazinski, David W.

McUsic, Andrew.

Peng, Xu.

Shazand, Kamran.

Xu, Feng.

Lyle, Robert.

Gilfillan, Gregor D.


  • Background: ChIP-seq is the primary technique used to investigate genome-wide protein-DNA interactions. As part of this procedure, immunoprecipitated DNA must undergo "library preparation" to enable subsequent high-throughput sequencing. To facilitate the analysis of biopsy samples and rare cell populations, there has been a recent ... read more
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  • Sundaram, Arvind, Timothy Hughes, Shea Biondi, Nathalie Bolduc, Sarah K. Bowman, Andrew Camilli, Yap C. Chew, Catherine Couture, Andrew Farmer, John P. Jerome, David W. Lazinski, Andrew McUsic, Xu Peng, Kamran Shazand, Feng Xu, Robert Lyle, and Gregor D. Gilfillan. "A comparative study of ChIP-seq sequencing library preparation methods." BMC Genomics 17, no. 3 (12, 2016): 1-12.
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