Comparing two interface tools in performing visual analytics tasks.

Jeong, Dong Hyun.

Greensmith, Tera Marie.

Ribarsky, William.

Chang, Remco.


  • In visual analytics, menu systems are commonly adopted as supporting tools because of the complex nature of data. However, it is still unknown how much the interaction implicit to the interface impacts the performance of visual analysis. To show the effectiveness of two interface tools, one a Floating text‐based menu (Floating‐Menu) and the other a more Interactive iconic tool (Interactive‐Icon), ... read more
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  • Jeong, Dong Hyun, Tera Marie Green, William Ribarsky, and Remco Chang. "Comparing two interface tools in performing visual analytics tasks." Poster presented at the 2009 IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), Atlantic City, NJ, October 12-13, 2009.
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