Global Terrorism Visualization.

Ziemkiewicz, Caroline.

Wang, Xiaoyu.

Godwin, Alex.

Dou, Wenwen.

Chang, Remco.

Kosara, Robert.

Ribarsky, William.


  • We present a system for the visual analysis of terrorist activity based on the Global Terrorism Database (GTD), developed by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) This dataset is based on records obtained from Pinkerton Global Intelligence Services and from START's own analysis of news stories and government reports. It contains information on over ... read more
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  • Ziemkiewicz, Caroline, Xiaoyu Wang, Alex Godwin, Wenwen Dou, Remco Chang, Robert Kosara, and William Ribarsky. "Global Terrorism Visualization." Poster presented at DHS University Network Summit, Washington, DC, March 19-21, 2008.
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