Using Brain Measurement to Evaluate Reality Based Interactions.

Hirshfield, Leanne M.

Solovey, Erin Treacy.

Girouard, Audrey.

Kebinger, James.

Horn, Michael S.

Shaer, Orit.

Zigelbaum, Jamie.

Jacob, Robert J. K.


  • We proposed the notion of Reality-Based Interaction (RBI) as a unifying concept to tie together a large subset of emerging interaction styles. Interfaces should adhere to reality-based principles unless designers explicitly choose to make a tradeoff where they sacrifice reality in order to gain other positive qualities. When a reality-based interface has been designed, and the reality tradeoffs ... read more
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  • Hirshfield, Leanne M., Erin Treacy Solovey, Audrey Girouard, James Kebinger, Michael S. Horn, Orit Shaer, Jamie Zigelbaum, Robert J. K. Jacob. "Using Brain Measurement to Evaluate Reality Based Interactions". Proc. ACM CHI 2009 Workshop on Challenges in Evaluating Usability and User Experience of Reality-Based Interaction (2009).
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