Technological innovations, downside risk, and the modernization of agriculture.

Emerick, Kyle.

De Janvry, Alain.

Sadoulet, Elisabeth, 1945-

Dar, Manzoor H.


  • We use a randomized experiment in India to show that improved technology enhances agricultural productivity by crowding in modern inputs and cultivation practices. Specifically, we show that a new rice variety that reduces downside risk by providing flood tolerance has positive effects on adoption of a more labor-intensive planting method, area cultivated, fertilizer usage, and credit utilization. ... read more
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  • Emerick, K., de Janvry, A., Sadoulet, E., & Dar, M. H. (2016). Technological Innovations, Downside Risk, and the Modernization of Agriculture. American Economic Review, 106(6), 1537-1561. doi:10.1257/aer.20150474.
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