As above, so below: Master of Fine Arts 2020

Barker, Cam

Becker, Chelsey

Fabrizio, Mia

Foshay, Billy

Gomez, Grace

LaPides, Liz

Lee, Sally

Lehman, John

McLeod, Marla

Perini, Andrew

Richardson, Gabriel

Spears, Gil

Tong, Yixiang

Tucker, Karli Janell

Waite, Denise

Wu, Kimothy


  • 2020 MFA Thesis Catalog

    FEATURING THE WORK OF: Cameron Barker, Chelsey Becker, Mia Fabrizio, Billy Foshay, Grace Gomez, Liz LaPides, Sally Lee, John Lehman, Marla McLeod, Andrew Perini, Gabriel Richardson, Ralph Robinson, Gil Spears, Yixiang Tong, Karli Tucker, Denise Waite, Kimothy Wu
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