Additional accessions, 1971 -- 2009

This series is part of Gerhard Schmidt Oral Histories, 1971 -- 2009

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Title: Additional accessions
Dates: 1971 -- 2009
Call Number: MS161.001
Size: 1 Volumes, 2 Digital Object(s)

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Open for research.

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Audio cassettes, cds, and printed transcript 1971 -- 2009

electronic media former barcode 39090015513761g
Location: 39090015754621g
Item ID: MS161.001.GB
Type: File
Access: Open for research.
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Transcripts, documentation 1971 -- 2009

electronic media Transcripts-Tape Editing; Publications-pdf; NAS Memoir; Academic Career; List of Publications - some of this material may prove to be collection documentation, not collection materials
Item ID: MS161.002.GB
Type: File
Access: Open for research.
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MP3 files of oral history interviews 1971 -- 2009

electronic media Checksum (of ISO): bcd189301df8020c14e78673f4d4022b (individual checksums also run for each mp3 file in 'content' directory) Accessioned By: Veronica Martzahl, Records Archivist Accession Date: 2009-07-31 Accession Procedure: ACC-002 Stabilization By: Veronica Martzahl, Records Archivist Stabilization Date: 2009-08-07 Stabilization Procedure: ACC-006 and ACC-007 Checksum Application: Advanced CheckSum Verifier Media Image Application: WinImage Virus Check Application: OfficeScan Stabilization Notes: Originally transferred CD was empty. Veronica contacted donor Dr. Stollar and arranged for a replacement disk. A new CD and DVD arrived on 2009-08-07. Veronica created an ISO image of the CD and extracted the mp3 files from it. Checksum run on ISO and individual files. No preservation manifested possible at this time.
Item ID: MS161.003.GB
Type: File
Access: Open for research.
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