"Fraternity" by Steve Karp, 2006

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Stephen A. Karp graduated Tufts University in 1965 with a bachelor's degree in Government and Political Science. He grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, where he was heavily involved in community baseball programs. His passion for sports led him to play for both the Tufts' Football (All-East halfback) and Baseball (All-East catcher) teams. While at Tufts, he was a member of Sword and Shield, the Ivy Society, Operation Crossroads Africa, International Relations Club, and the Athletic Association, and also served as Class Vice-President. Karp was also a brother of Delta Tau Delta (DTD), a fraternity whose racially and religious exclusionary policies during the 1960s caused Karp to struggle with his Jewish identity. Karp received offers to play for the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox, but rejected those offers to pursue a career in arts production. After several years in the arts, Karp used DTD as inspiration for his play, "Fraternity". The play addresses the dilemma he felt as one of only two Jewish brothers in Delta Tau Delta; Karp recalls feeling "moral anxiety" over maintaining his religious identity and his role in DTD. Although Karp wrote the play much after he left Tufts, DTD had already made efforts to be more inclusive. In 1969, the fraternity opened recruitment to anyone who was interested, in hopes of creating a more diverse future. Many Tufts alumni, who attended the play in 2005, credit Karp for creating a path, not only in Delta Tau Delta but at the university, for Jewish students to follow.

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