New England Medical Center Records, 1880 -- 2009


Title: New England Medical Center Records
Dates: 1880 -- 2009
Bulk Dates: 1920 -- 1990
Creator: Boston Floating Hospital
Call Number: MS099
Size: 391.6 Cubic Feet, 2 Volumes, 2 Artifact(s), 161 Digital Object(s)
Language(s): English  
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The records of the New England Medical Center (NEMC) contain the administrative, financial, legal, publicity, and departmental records of the institution. The collection also contains extensive audiovisual material; timelines and reference files relating to NEMC's history; publications by and for NEMC; planning files for the expansion of NEMC; and the records of affiliated organizations, such as the Frances Stern Nutrition Center and the Ladies Committee. Of particular interest are the Photographs and audiovisual material series (MS099.001), which contains hundreds of photographs depicting physicians, staff, patients, procedures, and NEMC buildings, dating back to the 1890s, and the Reference material series (MS099.002) which contains historical reference information, including a timeline of events from 1665 to 1992.

As there was a periodic shifting of departments to and from NEMC/T-NEMC and their constituent institutions, any comprehensive search of a particular topic over time must involve also consulting the other NEMC archives collections at DCA. Contact DCA for information about associated material of this collection.

This collection suffered extensive water damage due to a flood before it was in the custody of DCA. It underwent conservation efforts before processing, but several materials, particularly folders, scrapbooks, and bound volumes, are still warped or retain a musty odor. In addition, many items are fragile, and must be handled carefully.

DCA will forward to Tufts Medical Center all requests for permission to reproduce archival materials not in the public domain.


This collection is organized into 19 series: Photographs and audiovisual materials; Reference material; Administration records; Departments; Personnel records; Finance records; Development office records; Legal counsel records; Corporate Public Affairs office records; Planning office records; Architectural/Engineering Services records; Frances Stern Nutrition Center records; Rehabilitation Center records; Ladies Committee records series; NEMC International; Publications; Oversized material and artifacts; Archives of the New England Medical Center Hospitals records; and Legacy collection documentation.


Biographical / Historical

The New England Medical Center (NEMC) is the principal teaching hospital for the Tufts School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine. The Medical Center's chiefs of service are joint appointees with the medical school and most serve as chairs of their respective departments at the medical school. Students take 25% of their required third year clerkships and 50% of their fourth year electives at NEMC.

Recognizing that education and research are essential components to good medical care, the New England Medical Center was established in 1930 through the alliance of the Boston Dispensary, the Boston Floating Hospital for Infants and Children, and the Trustees of Tufts College. The NEMC was established as a non-profit corporation to coordinate the administrative activities of its constituent organizations. In 1946 the Joseph H. Pratt Diagnostic Hospital, an extension of the Boston Dispensary established in 1938, joined NEMC. In 1950, when the Medical School and Dental School relocated to Harrison Avenue, the NEMC became known as the New England Medical Center Hospital.

The entity was renamed Tufts-New England Medical Center in 1968, and in 1970 the NEMC board met at the Coonamessett Inn in Falmouth, Massachusetts to outline ways the NEMC and Tufts could further coordinate operations. The resulting directives, known as the Coonamessett Statement, indicated that support services and other business functions should be made the responsibility of T-NEMC in each case where it made sense to do so. That same year Tufts President Hallowell and NEMC President Quarles signed an affiliation agreement that codified the T-NEMC as an alliance through which its constituent units would move toward a completely integrated operation. By 1976, T-NEMC controlled health care studies, medical engineering, community health and ambulatory care, employee-student health services, lab animal medicine, some research, off-site medical services, a common utility supply center, architectural services, communications, educational media, parking facilities, property ownership, and public relations. However, by the late 1970s both institutions had experienced a change in leadership, resulting in a change of priorities for each. Interest in integration waned and the cooperation forged in the early 1970s was dismantled.

After a period of tension and competition in the 1980s, Tufts and NEMC drafted a new affiliation agreement in 1991, which remains in effect as of 1999. In 2000, the center was once again named Tufts-New England Medical Center, or T-NEMC.

Collection History

Processing Notes

This collection was processed in from 2013-2016 by Elizabeth Mc Gorty, Project Archivist, under the supervision of Susanne Belovari, Archivist for Reference and Collections; Liz Frances, Records Archivist; and Adrienne Pruitt, Collections Management Archivist.

This collection was previously processed by Dave Nathan. On transfer to DCA, received order was maintained at the series level. Any later additions were placed at the end of series. Photographs and audiovisual materials were separated from their original collections by Dave Nathan, and were given their own series by DCA (MS099.001). Photographs and audiovisual materials were rehoused in archival quality folders and boxes, with the exception of slides and negatives. Some paper-based material was rehoused in archival folders. Collection and series description written by Dave Nathan was updated, but folder level titles were maintained. Not all material listed in Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC Archives was transferred to DCA. Missing items have been noted at the series level.

This collection contains some restricted material. Restrictions related to specific material are noted in the Detailed Contents List in each series.

Custodial History

This collection was originally part of the archives of the New England Medical Center (NEMC), which closed in 1990. The collection was processed under the leadership of Dave Nathan, archivist at the NEMC archives. from 1985 - 1990, and had the following NEMC acquisition numbers: 83-14, 87-1, 83-3, 84-2, 84-14, 84-30, 84-22, 84-32, 84-39, 85-15, 85-8, 85-11, 85-20, 85-36, 85-12, 85-19, 86-9, 86-14, 86-17, 88-1, 89-10, 89-20, 83-13, 84-36, 84-40, 85-4, 85-7, 85-9, 87-9, 84-9, 84-28, 85-12, 86-39, 86-40, 86-41, 87-26, 88-15, 87-30, 89-5, 89-12, 84-18, 88-1, 84-33, 85-18, 85-47, 85-16, 86-59, 86-60, 86-61, 86-62, 86-56, 84-6, 84-7, 84-30, 84-35, 85-37, 86-4, 85-17, 85-37, 86-64, 86-28, 86-55, 87-36, 88-3, 88-12, 84-41, 86-63, 86-66, 87-8, 83-4, 86-18, 86-32, 86-50, 85-1, 86-24, 84-34, 86-52, 85-34, 86-12, 86-53, 86-33, 87-32, 83-1, 84-9, 84-18, 84-24, 84-32, 84-39, 84-42, 86-23, 86-28, 86-39, 86-40, 86-41, 86-42, 86-55, 86-57, 87-7, 87-11, 87-26, 87-31, 87-36, 89-11.

In spring 2013, NEMC material was transferred from NEMC to a restoration company for conservation treatment, and was then transferred to off-site storage in custody of Digital Collections and Archives (DCA). In December 2014 and January 2015, the material was transferred to DCA for processing. Some material originally in the NEMC archives was not transferred to DCA, due to either poor condition or loss.

Subjects and Genre Terms
  • New England Medical Center
  • Tufts-New England Medical Center
  • Tufts Medical Center
  • Grossman, Jerome
  • Vigeurs, Richard
  • Field, Hermann H.
  • Stern, Frances
  • Dunks, Abby
  • Katz, Geneva
  • Boston Floating Hospital for Infants and Children
  • Boston Dispensary
  • Pratt Diagnostic Hospital
  • New England Center Hospital
  • South End Diet Kitchen
  • Frances Stern Nutrition Center
  • Tufts College. Medical School
  • Tufts University. School of Medicine
  • Hospitals
  • Medical care
  • Free medical care
  • Bingham Associates Fund
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Patient care
  • Health care
  • University history
  • Medical history
  • Medicine -- History
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Series Description

  1. Photographs and audiovisual material, 1880 -- 2009

    This series contains images, films, and audio recordings in various formats. Images in the collection depict individuals, buildings, activities, and subjects belonging to, or affiliated with, NEMC and its predecessor organizations. Several images are duplicates and can be found in a variety of formats throughout the series.

    All print images are in black and white. Print image folders are titled with a subject heading identifying what is depicted in the photograph, as well as the photograph's institutional affiliation (Boston Floating Hospital, BFH; Boston Dispensary, BD; Pratt Clinic-New England Medical Center, PC/NECH; New England Medical Center, NEMC; Tufts-New England Medical Center, T-NEMC).

    Transparencies, slides, audio, and video were created by the Educational Media Center. Transparencies and slides are often duplicates of the print images. Slides and audiovisual material include presentations and marketing material for NEMC and its staff.

  2. Reference material, 1992

    This series includes reference material pertaining to the history and evolution of the New England Medical Center. The resource guide is a historical narrative of NEMC. The timeline lists significant events in NEMC's history, and includes citations.

  3. Administration records, 1929 -- 1994

    This series contains files from the office of the President, the central management department of NEMC. The files provide a comprehensive overview of NEMC activities and supplement the files found in the series Departments (MS099.004). They cover the records of the President, Executive Vice-Presidents and their staff assistants, medical staff, and the governing boards of various NEMC-related corporations. The series includes memos, correspondence, meeting minutes, and reports. Reports document hospital functions such as laboratory animal medicine, property management, parking, and the planning of the physical expansion of NEMC. Other reports document the Chinese population in Boston, the Chinese Health Center, and personnel. Information about trustees, benefactors, and administrators complete the series. Richard Viguers, Jerome Grossman, and Associate Administrators John Foster and Viola Spinelli are well represented.

    For more administration records, please see the Administration records series in the Tufts-New England Medical Center records (MS224.002).

    Some files are restricted due to privacy concerns, and this is noted at the folder level.

    1. 3.1. John T. Foster files, 1967 -- 1975
    2. 3.2. Viola J. Spinelli files, 1948 -- 1980
    3. 3.3. General files, 1929 -- 1994
    4. 3.4. Alan Retik files, 1970 -- 1980

      This sub-series contains files pertaining to the Dr. Alan Retik's tenure case. Dr. Retik was a urologist at NEMC.

      This series is restricted due to privacy concerns.

  4. Departments, 1908 -- 1987

    This series contains the administrative records of various NEMC departments, including correspondence, memoranda, publications, project reports, manuals, staff files, and patient files. Much of the correspondence and memoranda belong to the directors and administrators of these departments. Of particular note in this series are case files from the department of Social Work Services, and patient logs of the NEMC's emergency room and operating room. Detailed information on patients and their conditions are recorded. Files containing personal information on either employees or patients are restricted.

    According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC Archives, several items in this series are missing, and this is noted at the sub-series level.

    1. 4.1. Dietetics, 1965 -- 1984

      This sub-series contains records of the Dietetics/Food Services department and includes publications, reports, and menus.

    2. 4.2. Education, 1970

      This sub-series contains a house staff manual for the NEMCH. While the Education office acted as a personnel office for interns, residents, and fellows, case files for staff are found in the Personnel records series (MS099.005) of this collection.

    3. 4.3. Emergency, 1966 -- 1971

      This sub-series contains seven volumes of NEMC emergency room registers. These registers are detailed log books of patients visits to the emergency room. This sub-series is restricted because it contains patient information.

    4. 4.4. Human Resources, 1966 -- 1987

      This sub-series contains administrative files regarding the organization, procedures, and activities of the Human Resources department. Individual staff files may be found in the Personnel records series (MS099.005) of this collection. Files on interns, residents, and fellows may be found in the Education sub-series (MS099.004.002) of the Departments series.

      According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC archives, 2 boxes are missing.

    5. 4.5. Materials Management, 1972 -- 1985

      This sub-series contains the administrative files of Materials Management directors William Gouveia, Dan Brady, and Tom Hughes. These files include budgets and correspondence. The files cover the following: Building 1B (Floating Hospital building) and the 1B Operating Room Task Force, the Hospital Laundry Association, Product Evaluation Committees, and Hospital Services of New England.

    6. 4.6. Medical Records, 1965 -- 1976

      This sub-series contains correspondence, notes, policy and procedure directives, statistical tables, and clippings regarding departmental capital equipment needs.

    7. 4.7. Neurology/Neuropsychology, 1979 -- 1983

      This sub-series includes the administrative files of Kevin Cronin, the Administrative Manager and Program Coordinator of the T-NEMC/Dever State School Program of Neurology.

    8. 4.8. Pathology, 1970 -- 1982

      This sub-series contains the administrative files of associate chief Hubert Wolfe, MD. It includes correspondence, reports, statistical summaries, and publications regarding budget, facilities planning, and research.

    9. 4.9. Pharmacy, 1970 -- 1987

      This sub-series contains publications and reports of the NEMC Pharmacy.

    10. 4.10. Social Work Services, 1908 -- 1980

      This sub-series contains the administrative files of the department of Social Services, an office established in 1908 at the Boston Dispensary and later absorbed by the New England Medical Center. Social Work Services provided medical and psychological support for patients' illness related problems and assisted in their transition back into society.

      The early records are primarily those of the Director's office and include annual and special reports, correspondence, and minutes of departmental committees. Financial reports are from the central office as well as the Registrar. Later records include reports on social service, publications, press releases, and news clippings of important individuals. Case files of patients are well represented in this sub-series.

      According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC Archives, administrator's records from the Boston Dispensary, as well as reports from the Social Department, are missing.

    11. 4.11. Surgery, 1921 -- 1982

      This sub-series contains registers of the NEMC Surgery department. These registers are detailed log books of individual surgeries, and include the patient's name, age, their preoperative diagnosis, the surgery performed, the time it was performed, and the attending surgeons, assistants, and nurses. Records of pediatric procedures from 1931 to 1949 are found in the Dispensary logs for those years. No records of Pratt Clinic procedures from 1938 to 1949 are extant. This sub-series has been restricted because it contains patient information.

      According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC archives, 4 volumes of pediatric logs from the Boston Dispensary and 1 log from the Farnsworth building (Volume 43) are missing.

  5. Personnel records, 1910 -- 1986

    This series contains the employee files for the physicians, nurses, staff, residents, interns, fellows, and benefactors of the New England Medical Center and its predecessor institutions, the BFH and the PC/NECH. (Employment records for the BD may be found in MS214.007.) In addition, publicity files from Corporate Public Affairs and its predecessor, the T-NEMC Public Relations Office, are integrated with these files. Personnel files contain applications, resumes, notices of withdrawal, and salary information, as well as correspondence that documents promotions, evaluations, wage/salary increases, vacation requests, and letters of recommendation. Interns, residents, and fellows files contain the aforementioned documentation as well as certifications, evaluations, and insurance liability information.

    This series is restricted due to privacy concerns.

    According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC Archives, 1990, 3 boxes from this series are missing.

  6. Finance records, 1935 -- 1989

    This series contains financial records of NEMC, including those for the following individual institutions before the were officially incorporated into NEMC: Boston Dispensary, Boston Floating Hospital, Pratt Clinic/New England Center Hospital, and Tufts-New England Medical Center, Inc. Items represented in this series include budgets, reports, contracts, statements, invoices, correspondence, general files related to programs and offices, and ledgers.

    Several items in this series are restricted, and this is noted at the container or folder level.

    Some items in this series are missing or were separated by DCA, and this is noted at the sub-series level.

    1. 6.1. Controller's office, 1955 -- 1982

      This sub-series contains the general files of Dr. Senger and James Shortall. Included are audits, budgets, financial statements, leases, insurance claims, and investments.

      According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC Archives, financial statements for the Boston Dispensary, Boston Floating Hospital, Frances Stern Nutrition Center, Pratt Clinic/New England Center Hospital, and NEMC are missing.

    2. 6.2. Finance Administration, 1975 -- 1981

      This sub-series contains the proceedings of NEMC's Finance Committee, as well as the general files of accounting manager Don McManus.

      According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC archives, 1 box is missing.

    3. 6.3. General Accounting, 1977 -- 1978
    4. 6.4. Budget office, 1955 -- 1989

      This sub-series contains charts of accounts, income reports, and correspondence.

      According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC archives, 1 box is missing.

    5. 6.5. Payroll office, 1952 -- 1957
    6. 6.6. Central Billing and Revenue Systems, 1970 -- 1980

      This sub-series contains the general files of Richard Krausnauskus, the Director of Revenue Systems.

    7. 6.7. Research Finance, 1966 -- 1980

      This sub-series contains grants and contracts files, as well as correspondence regarding the General Research Support program. The grant and contract files are arranged numerically from 20101-0 to 29760-0 at the container level, and these numbers are labeled on the folder.

      According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC archives, box 53 is missing.

    8. 6.8. Financial ledgers, 1935 -- 1980

      Information in these volumes comprise accounting entries of income, expenses, and assets and liabilities.

  7. Development office records, 1969 -- 1986

    This series contains correspondence, reports, financial statements, audits, and a sampling of individual donor records regarding fund raising and planning for the expansion of NEMC.

    According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC Archives, the follow items are missing:Reports; Correspondence, 1976-1978; and Correspondence re: legacies, 1965-1980.

  8. Legal counsel records, 1946 -- 1975

    This series contains correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes, confidential reports, financial and tax records, contracts, abstracts of titles, court papers, estate records, wills, and property transactions. These documents were created by the law firm Ropes & Gray, which served as legal counsel for NEMC and its predecessor institutions.

    1. 8.1. Boston Dispensary, 1953 -- 1963

      This sub-series contains property transactions and wills.

    2. 8.2. Boston Floating Hospital, 1957 -- 1965

      This series contains files of property transactions and pension plans.

    3. 8.3. Pratt Clinic/New England Center Hospital, 1946 -- 1975

      This sub-series contains tax abatements and property transactions.

  9. Corporate Public Affairs office records, 1927 -- 1997

    This series contains the files of the Office of Corporate Public Affairs, which was formed in 1982 to provide public relations, marketing, and publication design services to NEMC. Files include press releases, press clippings, publications produced by or for the office, and press scrapbooks documenting NEMC activities, events, and facilities. Also included in this series is information about the China Exchange Program under the stewardship of Judith Kurland, which brought Chinese physicians to NEMC.

    Photographs are located in the Photographs and audiovisual material series (MS099.001). Case files compiled by the office on individuals affiliated with NEMC are located in the Personnel records series (MS099.005).

    According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC Archives, the following items are missing: 1 volume of the Boston Dispensary scrapbooks; and Video news clippings, 1986-1988, news program interviews with NEMC physicians (56 VHS cassettes).

    1. 9.1. Scrapbooks, 1927 -- 1956
    2. 9.2. Publications, 1939 -- 1997
    3. 9.3. Subject files, 1959 -- 1990

      This sub-series contains publicity files concerning the activities, events, and facilities produced by the office of Corporate Public Affairs.

    4. 9.4. China Exchange Program, 1979 -- 1990
  10. Planning office records, 1967 -- 1984

    This series contains reports, meeting minutes, research documentation and financial information on the the 1-B project, which became NEMC's Floating Hospital building in 1982. Included are papers of the 1-B Task Force, documentation on the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Determination of Need, mortgage applications, and subject files related to the project.

    According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC Archives, the follow items are missing: Architectural drawings (Pratt and Farnsworth renovations, B Block Reuse Task Force); and Application for Mortgage Insurance, volumes 1-3.

  11. Architectural/Engineering Services records, 1982 -- 1990

    This series primarily contains project files for minor renovation projects, but also includes architectural drawings and meeting minutes. The project files contain correspondence, specifications, plans, memos, transmittal forms, and invoices, as well as documentation of changes proposed by Barr & Barr for the "Scamper" renovation project of the Jackson and Center buildings. Architectural drawings for the The Pratt Diagnostic Hospital building and a few architectural plans for buildings encompassing the New England Medical Center Hospital are included in this series. The Pratt Diagnostic Hospital drawings and specifications are of elevators, doors, transoms, windows, and bathrooms.

    According to Dave Nathan's Guide to the NEMC Archives, the following items are missing: Slides of Proger building furnishings, 1973.

    1. 11.1. Project review meeting minutes, 1973 -- 1979
    2. 11.2. Renovation project files, 1982 -- 1990
    3. 11.3. Architectural drawings, 1937 -- 1980
  12. Frances Stern Nutrition Center records, 1888 -- 1979

    This series contains the administrative records of the Frances Stern Nutrition Center (FSNC), established by Frances Stern in 1918 and known in its first iteration as the Boston Dispensary Food Clinic. It also includes the personal papers of Frances Stern, the early records of the South End Diet Kitchen, and project files from a study on vegetarian diets in children. Administrative records include reports, meeting minutes, publications, research notes, surveys, articles, newspaper clippings, and forms. The personal papers of Frances Stern are composed mainly of personal correspondence, but also include public speeches, books written by Stern, and memorabilia. The South End Diet Kitchen, founded in 1874, was absorbed into the Boston Dispensary Food Clinic in the 1920s. Its early records include bylaws, reports, financial records, correspondence, and clippings. Case files, notes, and general files complete the series.

    Further information about the South End Diet Kitchen may be found in the Boston Dispensary collection records (MS214). Frances Stern's diploma is located in the Oversized material and artifacts series of this collection (MS099.017). Images of the FSNC, as well as images of Frances Stern, are located in the Photographs and audiovisual material series of this collection (MS099.001).

    1. 12.1. Administrative records, 1917 -- 1979
    2. 12.2. Frances Stern papers, 1888 -- 1970

      This bulk of this sub-series contains correspondence to and from Frances Stern. Also included in this sub-series are biographical material, memorabilia, articles, pamphlets, and addresses made by Frances Stern.

      Much of the material in this sub-series is extremely fragile. Please handle carefully.

    3. 12.3. South End Diet Kitchen records, 1907 -- 1965
    4. 12.4. Study on vegetarian diets in children project files, 1977 -- 1978
  13. Rehabilitation Center records, 1955 -- 1985

    This series contains proposals, annual progress reports, project files, and training conference documentation. Most of this material concerns the Medical Rehabilitation Research and Training Center No. 7 (RT-7). Also included in this series are correspondence, reports, and survey data on the Study of Consumer Involvement project. Additional material on the Rehabilitation Center may be found in the Corporate Public Affairs office records of this collection (MS099.009) or in the Boston Dispensary records (MS214).

  14. Ladies Committee records, 1926 -- 1996

    This series contains meeting minutes, correspondence, news clippings, publications, general files about committees and programs, and a scrapbook entitled "Careers That Count," documenting a high school career day for medically related careers.

    1. 14.1. Administrative records, 1926 -- 1996
    2. 14.2. Discontinued committees and programs, 1940 -- 1990
    3. 14.3. Current committees and programs, 1962 -- 1984
    4. 14.4. Scrapbooks and artifacts, 1956 -- 1966

      This series contains two scrapbooks of news clippings and the seal of the Ladies Committee in two sizes. The scrapbooks are in fragile condition.

  15. NEMC International, 1995 -- 2000

    NEMC International, Inc. (NEMCI) was a subsidiary of Lifespan Corporation, and incorporated in 1995 to manage all of the hospital's international affairs. NEMCI had various health care management and consulting arrangements in foreign countries. This series contains the administrative records of NEMCI, including subject files and research files.

    1. 15.1. Subject files, 1995 -- 2000
    2. 15.2. Countries, 1995 -- 2000
  16. Publications, 1949 -- 1997

    This series contains serial publications, such as newsletters, and also includs annual reports, memos, brochures, bulletins, instruction booklets, programs, directories, and financial statements.

    Folders in box 289 are water damaged and warped. Materials in folders 00004, 00009, 00010, and 00011 of box 289 were deaccessioned. The folders contained publications duplicated elsewhere that were in extremely poor condition due to mold and water damage.

  17. Oversized material and artifacts, 1948 -- 1990

    This series contains scrapbooks, images, and artifacts made by or on behalf of NEMC. Scrapbooks represent press material spanning the late 1950s, and artifacts are items made for NEMC fundraising functions. Also included in this series is Frances Stern's diploma.

  18. Archives of the New England Medical Center Hospitals records, 1986 -- 1990

    This series contains research files on the evolution of NEMC, as well as histories for the institutions from which NEMC originated. Included in this series are articles, timelines, corporate histories, research notes compiled for future exhibits, and documentation for volunteer opportunities.

  19. Legacy collection documentation, 1990

    This series contains the finding aids by NEMC archivist Dave Nathan, as well as NEMC acquisition records.

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